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We have a commitment with the future generations, and a nation is not only the result of numbers and financial results. That is why Copiadora Cidade has been investing, throughout its history, in the improvement of the quality of life of our employees, as well as in cultural supports and the professional qualification of youngsters of devoid communities.

We do not aim at immediate profit, but to be able to contribute for the construction of a better world..

Educate to Trasnform

In partnership with ONG' s, that the children, adolescents take care of and aged of devoid communities, in the city of Rio De Janeiro, we develop a proper project of our authorship and support other projects. These projects develop diverse social programs, of which we can detach two in special. They are they:

Programa Ser Cidadão

A partnership with the Museum of the Republic, this project develops educative and cultural activities partner for adolescents of 16 the 18 years, where we all supply the used didactic material in the qualification courses.

Course of Copying Machine Operator

A project idealized and mounted for the COPIADORA CIDADE, aims at the socialization in the environment of work and the qualification of the young ones for a profession. This course, with duration of 3 months, certifys and qualifies the adolescent to work with copying machines, as well as all the services of our business To the ending of the course, the adolescent is accomplished in our company or is directed to the work market.