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With the outsourcing the company begins worrying more with business leaving for the COPIADORA CIDADE the eventual current problems of the process.

When using the most modern methods of engineering impressions and copies, the COPIADORA CIDADE looks for to reduce their customer's costs managing the whole chain of the impression process and copies.

Few people know which would be the cost of a document generated in printer of corporate load and all would cost in printer type home office. That difference can arrive to 60% of reduction of costs.

Another important information that it passes unnoticed it is that the cost of a page printed to paint jet is eight times larger than in a printer laser.

Those are the main motivations to the companies that possess great parks of printers to invest in the centralization of the operations. Projects of engineering impression can ensure a superior economy for 30%.

Finally, the engineering is a total paradigm change.

The people leave their personal printers and they use an atmosphere of department, doesn't tend more the need to worry with printers.

They don't worry more in controlling own supply, if the equipment has possessions etc... THE user passes worrying with their professional activities.

The printer will be integral part of the atmosphere, not influencing in the professional's in negative way productivity, only in a positive way.

Outsourcing to buy equipaments
The company of outsourcing buys equipments with the preservation of the contracting party's working capital. Buys of the equipments due to the company.
Maintenance cost due to the outsourcing. Maintenance cost due to the company.
Purchase of supplies due to the outsourcing. Purchase of supplies due to the company.
In case of problems with equipment substitution without costs for the contracting party. In case of breakdown of the equipment I await of the technical support and of the concert not having substitution.
Up-grade dos equipamentos cada 3 years. Depreciation or obsolescence of the equipments.
Adaptation of the equipments the customer's real need. Sub-taken advantage equipments not assisting the real needs.
Reduction of the services as expense generating reduction about 30% of the value of the contract in the value to be I paid close to GOING. Reduction of the equipments in GOING as depreciation in the reason of up to 10% a year depending on the equipment.
In case of alteration in the existent structure, easiness in the adaptation of new equipments during the validity of the contract. In case of alteration in the existent structure, he/she buys of new equipments demanding time and money.