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imagem de pessoas trabalhandoCOPIADORA CIDADE is a company relatively young with only 29 years of existence, however, already with quite solid structure.

When the company settled at the market of Rio de Janeiro, COPIADORA CIDADE tried to discover some competitive advantages in the flaws of the competitors in order to fasten at the market, since it is a quite dispersed and unequal market, and did not have at that time a competitive structure to do front to their competitors already established in the market for more than 10 years.

Counting on dry structure, the company glimpsed in its size its own differential and it adopted as marketing strategy the emphasis in the agility and in the quality of the personalized service, quite defective points in the competition.

Focusing on their customers' needs, it always tried to differentiate their groups of activities to satisfy the needs of a specific group of different customers who need better quality service to cater for a certain need of their internal process (reports and/or presentations for others, or service that needs to be done in short periods of time).

The same strategy is being used obsessively, maintained along their 26 years of market.

Consequently, it is the focus of the company to invest in small stores, with dry administration and present in several parts of the city; all of them with the same characteristics and the same quality and load of machines and equipment.

The main aim is to always keep close to their customers without giving up investing heavily in the acquisition of new equipment and new technology.

That is the way to keep updated Without neglecting the human and social side that should always exist behind all and any human activity.

Nowadays, we are the only company of our sector to have the quality stamp of 'Fundação ABRINQ', besides we also have social certification of the Social Swinging Prize 2005 for the 'Instituto Ethos' and the recognition as honorary member of the 'Instituto do Empreendedor' of the consultancy Ernest & Young.