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imagem de uma pessoa trabalhando com plotterTo survive in a market more and more competitive, the companies need to have an agile structure, dried and returned, more and more, for the improvement of the services rendered the customer.

In that scenery, it is every time larger the number of organizations that best in the outsourcing of the services as the form of improving competitiveness.

In the begins, it was restricted to areas as cleaning and safety, the outsourcing won space and importance in the companies, in many cases being firm as one of the most efficient ways of drying budgets, to reduce costs with the labor and to reach better results.

Today, the administration of sections as computer science, accounting, supply of meals, maintenance of equipments is being delegated to third, allowing the organizations to be devoted yours totally colors business and concentrate all their efforts in his/her customer's full service.

The outsourcing of some sections allow the company to reduce costs, reducing responsibilities and saving when leaving of investing in acquisition of equipments or stock, administration of sections, etc.

When eliminating the administration of the activities that are not directly related with business and to reduce expenses, the company becomes more agile and it turns their products and more competitive services.



. small stores without concern with appearance and comfort
. dirty and awkward surrounding
. lack of commitment with stated periods of delivery and quality
. low investment in technology
. high index of informality
. bad conservation of the equipment
. predominates the "law of Gerson" in the relationship with the customers
. low quality of technical and managemental manpower
. absence of managemental systems of control and measurement
. bashful business-oriented politics of expansion
. emphasis on the politics of low prices, disregarding quality


. Spacious, modern and airy stores, with nice atmosphere which makes customers feel a welfare sensation
. Rigorous control in the contracted stated periods
. Constant investment in up-to-the-minute technology
. High index of formality and fiscal update
. Modern Equipment and maintenance by proper team
. Always keep reliable relationship with the customers, offering them service of consultancy in the duplicating area, considering more viable and economic solutions for the customers.
. Concern with training and preparation of the direct and indirect manpower in the production.
. Constant Investment in management and control software's of IT
. Bold Politics of expansion and conquest of new markets
. Emphasis on the quality and not on the price
. Valuation and estimation of the allegiance of the customer

Trust your originals to qualified professionals!

As we have constant commitment with goals and results, and mainly with YOU, we count on an efficient system of attendance, totally computerized. And all this excellence aims at the best service for you, with agility and security.


Our company is not made only of machines, furniture and numbers. It is made, above all, of a history of fights and conquests, and that is what makes Copiadora Cidade a winner! And this history was always guided by indivisible and unquestioned values that must serve as basis for our future conquests and must serve of inspiration for all our attitudes!

1) To have quality as our main concern

2) To be ethical in all negotiations

3) Respect suppliers

4) Respect employees

5) Social responsibility

6) To do only what we can do well

7) To aim at better results

8) To be flexible with customers

9) To be sincere while acting and speaking

10) Never lose the enterprising or winner spirit